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  1. Three-dimensional (3D) printing is a rapidly evolving technology with several potential applications in the diagnosis and management of cardiac disease. Recently, 3D printing (i.e. rapid prototyping) derived f...

    Authors: Azad Mashari, Mario Montealegre-Gallegos, Ziyad Knio, Lu Yeh, Jelliffe Jeganathan, Robina Matyal, Kamal R. Khabbaz and Feroze Mahmood
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2017 3:304004
  2. Assessment of global longitudinal systolic strain (GLS) and longitudinal systolic strain of the basal segments (BLS) has shown prognostic value in cardiac disorders. However, strain is reduced with increased a...

    Authors: Isaac B. Rhea, Shuja Rehman, Upasana Jarori, Muhammad W. Choudhry, Harvey Feigenbaum and Stephen G. Sawada
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2017 3:301003
  3. Heart failure (HF) is a debilitating and life-threatening condition, with 5-year survival rate lower than breast or prostate cancer. It is the leading cause of hospital admission in over 65s, and these admissi...

    Authors: Thomas Mathew, Lynne Williams, Govardhan Navaratnam, Bushra Rana, Richard Wheeler, Katherine Collins, Allan Harkness, Richard Jones, Dan Knight, Kevin O’Gallagher, David Oxborough, Liam Ring, Julie Sandoval, Martin Stout, Vishal Sharma and Richard P. Steeds
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2017 4:402004
  4. Background Physiologist-led stress echocardiography (PLSE) services provide potential for expansion of SE services and increased productivity for cardiologists. There are however no published data on the feasibil...

    Authors: Jamal N. Khan, Timothy Griffiths, Tamseel Fatima, Andreea Mihai, Zeeshan Mustafa, Kully Sandhu, Robert Butler, Simon Duckett and Grant Heatlie
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2017 4:402003
  5. Aims Lupus myocarditis occurs in 5–10% of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). No single feature is diagnostic of lupus myocarditis. Speckle tracking echocardiography (STE) can detect subclinical lef...

    Authors: Riëtte Du Toit, Phillip G. Herbst, Annari van Rensburg, Hendrik W. Snyman, Helmuth Reuter and Anton F. Doubell
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2017 4:402001
  6. Heart failure is appropriately described as an epidemic, with 1–2% of health care expenditure being directed at its management. In England, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issu...

    Authors: Martin R. Cowie
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2017 4:401004
  7. Aim The role of transoesophageal echocardiography in cardiac interventional structural procedures is well established and appreciated. However, the need for general anaesthesia (GA) throughout the procedure remai...

    Authors: Dimitris Klettas, Emma Alcock, Rafal Dworakowski, Philip MacCarthy and Mark Monaghan
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2017 4:401001
  8. Cardiac tumors are exceedingly rare (0.001-0.03% in most autopsy series). They can be present anywhere within the heart and can be attached to any surface or be embedded in the myocardium or pericardial space....

    Authors: Rekha Mankad and Joerg Herrmann
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:304005
  9. Mitral regurgitation (MR) is the second most common form of valvular disease requiring surgery. Correct identification of surgical candidates and optimising the timing of surgery are key in management. For pri...

    Authors: Boyang Liu, Nicola C. Edwards, Simon Ray and Richard P. Steeds
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:304003
  10. Objective: Normal cut-off values for left atrial (LA) size and function may be altered by aging and ethnic differences. No age-related reference values for LA volumetric measurements or LA strain exist in African...

    Authors: Ruchika Meel, Bijoy K. Khandheria, Ferande Peters, Elena Libhaber, Samantha Nel and Mohammed R. Essop
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:304002
  11. Introduction: In this study, we aim to reassess the prognostic value of stress echocardiography (SE) in a contemporary population and to evaluate the clinical significance of limited apical ischaemia, which has n...

    Authors: Alexandros Papachristidis, Damian Roper, Daniela Cassar Demarco, Ioannis Tsironis, Michael Papitsas, Jonathan Byrne, Khaled Alfakih and Mark J. Monaghan
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:304001
  12. This is a practical description of how replacement valves are assessed using echocardiography. Normal transthoracic appearances including normal variants are described. The problem of differentiating normal fu...

    Authors: John B. Chambers
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:303007
  13. Introduction: Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is an inherited pathology that can increase the risk of sudden death. Current task force criteria for echocardiographic diagnosis do not inc...

    Authors: Mohammad Qasem, Victor Utomi, Keith George, John Somauroo, Abbas Zaidi, Lynsey Forsythe, Sanjeev Bhattacharrya, Guy Lloyd, Bushra Rana, Liam Ring, Shaun Robinson, Roxy Senior, Nabeel Sheikh, Mushemi Sitali, Julie Sandoval, Richard Steeds…
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:303005
  14. Herceptin (Trastuzumab) is a widely used and effective drug for the treatment of Her2+ breast cancer but its cardiotoxic side effects require regular monitoring by echocardiography. A 10% reduction in left ven...

    Authors: A. King, J. Thambyrajah, E. Leng and M. J. Stewart
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:303004
  15. A 28-year-old asymptomatic woman was referred to our clinic for evaluation of a heart murmur. Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) demonstrated ventricular hypertrophy with septal thickness of 26 mm, consisten...

    Authors: Umut Kocabas, Esra Kaya and Cahide Soydas Cinar
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:303006
  16. Background: Cardiotoxicity from anthracycline-based chemotherapy is an important cause of early and late morbidity and mortality in breast cancer patients. Left ventricular (LV) function is assessed for patien...

    Authors: Kevin Emery Boczar, Olexiy Aseyev, Jeffrey Sulpher, Christopher Johnson, Ian G. Burwash, Michele Turek, Susan Dent and Girish Dwivedi
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:303003
  17. Objective: To assess the impact of mitral geometry, left ventricular (LV) remodelling and global LV afterload on mitral regurgitation (MR) after trans-catheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI).

    Authors: Y. Tayyareci, R. Dworakowski, P. Kogoj, J. Reiken, C. Kenny, P. MacCarthy, O. Wendler and M. J. Monaghan
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:303002
  18. Background: Ultrasound-assisted examination of the cardiovascular system with focused cardiac ultrasound by the treating physician is non-invasive and changes diagnosis and management of patient’s with suspect...

    Authors: James Yates, Colin Forbes Royse, Carolyn Royse, Alistair George Royse and David Jeffrey Canty
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:303001
  19. The incidence of significant obesity is rising across the globe. These patients often have a clustering of cardiovascular risk factors and are frequently referred for noninvasive cardiac imaging tests. Stress ...

    Authors: Benoy N. Shah and Roxy Senior
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:302008
  20. We present a very rare example of chronic right heart failure caused by torrent tricuspid regurgitation. Massive right heart dilatation and severe tricuspid regurgitation due to avulsion of the tricuspid valve...

    Authors: Francesca Tedoldi, Maximilian Krisper, Clemens Köhncke and Burkert Pieske
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:302007
  21. Echocardiography is ideally suited to guide fluid resuscitation in critically ill patients. It can be used to assess fluid responsiveness by looking at the left ventricle, aortic outflow, inferior vena cava an...

    Authors: Miller Ashley and Mandeville Justin
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:302006
  22. Aim: It is not well known if advancing age influences normal rest or exercise pulmonary artery pressures. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the association of increasing age with measurements of pulmona...

    Authors: Garvan C. Kane, Arun Sachdev, Hector R. Villarraga, Naser M. Ammash, Jae K. Oh, Michael D. McGoon, Patricia A. Pellikka and Robert B. McCully
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:302005
  23. Background: Left atrial deformation (LAD) parameters are new markers of atrial structural remodelling that seem to be affected in atrial fibrillation (AF) and atrial flutter (AFL). This study aimed to determin...

    Authors: Cátia Costa, Teresa González-Alujas, Filipa Valente, Carlos Aranda, José Rodríguez-Palomares, Laura Gutierrez, Giuliana Maldonado, Laura Galian, Gisela Teixidó and Artur Evangelista
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:302004
  24. Background: Pulmonary transit time (PTT) is an indirect measure of preload and left ventricular function, which can be estimated using the indicator dilution theory by contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS). In t...

    Authors: Ingeborg H. F. Herold, Salvatore Saporito, Massimo Mischi, Hans C. van Assen, R. Arthur Bouwman, Anouk G. W. de Lepper, Harrie C. M. van den Bosch, Hendrikus H. M. Korsten and Patrick Houthuizen
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:302003
  25. Background In this study, we investigate the correlation between reduced global longitudinal peak systolic strain (GLPSS) and the SYNTAX score (SS) in patients undergoing coronary angiography.

    Authors: Apostolos Vrettos, David Dawson, Chrysanthos Grigoratos and Petros Nihoyannopoulos
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:302002
  26. Cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) can profoundly improve outcome in selected patients with heart failure; however, response is difficult to predict and can be absent in up to one in three patients. There...

    Authors: Sitara GKhan, Dimitris Klettas, Stam Kapetanakis and Mark J. Monaghan
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:301009
  27. We present the case of a 26-year-old male with acute tonsillitis who was referred for coronary angiography because of chest pain, elevated cardiac biomarkers, and biphasic T waves. The patient had no cardiovas...

    Authors: Thomas Sturmberger, Johannes Niel, Josef Aichinger and Christian Ebner
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:301008
  28. In intravenous drug abusers, infective endocarditis usually involves right-sided valves, with Staphylococcus aureus being the most common etiologic agent. We present a patient who is an intravenous drug abuser wi...

    Authors: Rajesh Janardhanan, Muhammad Umar Kamal, Irbaz Bin Riaz and M. Cristy Smith
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:301007
  29. The aetiology of sudden cardiac arrest can often be identified to underlying cardiac pathology. Mitral valve prolapse is a relatively common valvular pathology with symptoms manifesting with increasing severit...

    Authors: Mohamed Ahmed, Ashraf Roshdy, Rajan Sharma and Nick Fletcher
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:301005
  30. Purpose: Pericardial adipose tissue had been shown to exert local effects on adjacent cardiac structures. Data regarding the mechanistic link between such measures and left atrial (LA) structural/functional re...

    Authors: Yau-Huei Lai, Chun-Ho Yun, Cheng-Huang Su, Fei-Shih Yang, Hung-I Yeh, Charles Jia-Yin Hou, Tung-Hsin Wu, Ricardo C. Cury, Hiram G. Bezerra and Chung-Lieh Hung
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:301002
  31. Transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE) can be used to expedite DC cardioversion (DCCV) in the absence of adequate anticoagulation. There are no guidelines for the management of sedation or general anaesthetic...

    Authors: Nikhil Ahluwalia, Sanjeev Bhattacharyya, Christopher Munns and John Chambers
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2016 3:301001
  32. We present a case of mitral valve (MV) replacement that resulted in multiple complications, as diagnosed by transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), including left ventricular outflow tract obstruction, aortic ...

    Authors: Charles L. Brassard, Claudia Viens, André Denault and Pierre Couture
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:204006
  33. Aim: Assessment of right ventricular (RV) function is a challenge, especially in patients with congenital heart disease (CHD). The aim of the present study is to assess whether knowledge-based RV reconstructio...

    Authors: Aleksandra Trzebiatowska-Krzynska, Mieke Driessen, Gertjan Tj Sieswerda, Lars Wallby, Eva Swahn and Folkert Meijboom
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:204003
  34. Various Doppler-derived parameters of left atrial electrical remodeling have been demonstrated to predict recurrence of atrial fibrillation (AF) after AF ablation. The aim of this study was to compare three Do...

    Authors: Miriam Shanks, Lucas Valtuille, Jonathan B. Choy and Harald Becher
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:204002
  35. The number of potentially preventable medical errors that occur has been steadily increasing. These are a significant cause of patient morbidity, can lead to life-threatening complications and may result in a ...

    Authors: Clare Quarterman, Nick Fletcher and Vishal Sharma
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:204001
  36. Spontaneous echo contrast (SEC) is frequently observed in patients with structural and functional cardiovascular abnormalities. Literature describes cases of SEC either from agglutination of red blood cells an...

    Authors: Hena Patel, Stephen Boateng, Gurpreet Singh and Steven Feinstein
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:203006
  37. A 77-year-old woman with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis (aortic valve areaZ0.6 cm2 and mean gradientZ 53 mmHg) was deemed inoperable for surgical aortic valve replacement due to a porcelain aorta, and was ...

    Authors: Darwish I. Naji, Adnan Chhatriwalla, David J. Cohen and Michael L. Main
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:203005
  38. A 66-year-old woman with a remote history of mitral valve replacement (mechanical bileaflet valve) due to rheumatic heart disease presented with symptoms consistent with infectious endocarditis. Subsequent blo...

    Authors: Darwish I. Naji, Alexander Pak, Jamie Lawless and Michael L. Main
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:203004
  39. The aim of the present study was to find out whether early cardiac changes in patients receiving chemotherapy can be detected by the conventional and deformation parameters of 2D and 3D echocardiography. Twent...

    Authors: Adrienn Tarr, Stephan Stoebe, Jan Tuennemann, Zsuzsanna Baka, Dietrich Pfeiffer, Albert Varga and Andreas Hagendorff
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:203002
  40. The present study was carried out to test the feasibility of proximal right coronary artery (RCA) imaging and to detect proximal RCA narrowing and occlusion by 2D and 3D transthoracic echocardiography in compa...

    Authors: Stephan Stoebe, Katharina Lange, Dietrich Pfeiffer and Andreas Hagendorff
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:203001

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